Error: onApplicationStart: Event handler exception.

That error could be due to any fatal error your blog has, including not being able to connect to the database. To know what the actual error is, you'll have to open the Application.cfc file in the root of your install and remove the lines starting at line 108: and ending in line 133: . Save the file and browse your blog again. You should see the originating error that would help us debug your problem better. After fixing the problem, you should revert the file to its original state.

Installation Problems

The system cannot find the path specified

  • Check that the server does not have a mapping for "/"
  • Some configurations of IIS cannot have periods in the folder names.

example d:/websites/ may need to be d:/websites/site_com/

Unknown tag: XXXX. ColdFusion cannot determine how to process the tag XXXX because the tag is unknown and not in any imported tag libraries. The tag name might be misspelled.

  • The most common cause for this type of error is a file that was not uploaded to the server, or an archive file that was not unzipped properly.

Permissions Denied

  • On linux, chmod 777
  • On windows, make sure the system or root user has write privileges.

Plugin Problems

Troubleshooting plugin issues generally involves looking at Mango's logs. Here are a few steps for helping you get started with plugin troubleshooting:

  • Enable verbose logging. The latest version of LogViewer also allows you to enable verbose logging with a single click.
  • Install Log Viewer or use an alternate log-displaying facility
  • Clear any logs that may be saved up
  • Do just the one thing that causes an error (so that there is only 1 error in the log), so that you have access to the exception information

If you still get too many errors at once, disable all other plugins. You might have more than 1 problem and you need to fix one at a time.