Change Log

Version 1.6

  • Big changes in the initialization of the Mango and the general settings, which are no longer in the configuration file
  • Updated the facade to be easier to use in multi-site installs
  • Added permission for profile management
  • Added permissions for comment management
  • Added new system plugin to help manage assets such as creating automatic thumbnails using a URL
  • Added output for archives to show current page number and total number of pages
  • Added ifHasDescription to AuthorProperty. 
  • Added currentCount to PodProperty tag
  • Added ifNotHasPicture to author tag
  • Fixed issue with IE not showing the directories in the file explorer
  • Added setup directory removal after setup is complete. Written by Adam Tuttle
  • Fixed problems in Atom feeds when blog was installed in root
  • Added a table to fix layout issue in post form
  • Added attribute ifCustomFieldEQ to PostProperty
  • Transfered some "if" tests from PostProperty tag to Post tag
  • Added getting posts with a custom field or custom field value. 
  • Added some "if" tests to Category tag
  • Hide Cache if user can't "manage_system"
  • Bug fixes to API
  • Fixed issue with RevisionManager plugin in Railo
  • Added Blogger import. Written by Alan Rother

Version 1.5

  • Added multi-category archives as in archives.cfm/category/news,events
  • Updated File Explorer
  • Added "asset selector" form field (thanks to Adam Tuttle!)
  • Added "countable" form field
  • Fixed rendering problems in administration when using Chrome
  • Reduced the amount of logging done on plugin failures. Full error logging will onl y be performed if level is set to "debug" in configuration file.
  • Plugins can now add custom panels very easily by adding an xml file.
  • Added method to update custom field without incurring into version change.
  • Added methods to add custom permissions for plugins
  • Fixed issues with IE and pod formatting
  • Fixed RevisionManager plugin issue
  • Fixed SQL issue and other bugs

Version 1.4.2 and 1.4.3

  • Performance improvements
  • Security patches for not found pages or posts
  • More secure defaults for the output of all tags
  • Logging to database instead of public logs
  • Added custom loggers
  • Updated captcha for CF9 (thanks to Seb Duggan)
  • Addition of attributes to some tags: ifNotIsType to ArchiveProperty, format to Message
  • Change to Railo installs to use threading
  • Added init method to BasePlugin
  • New tag Setting and SettingProperty
  • The gravatar tag can now be used within a post to show the author's gravatar image
  • Fixed issues with installer and other bugs


Version 1.4.1

  • Added sorting order for posts
  • Fixed some issues with the Environment tag
  • Added the attribute sortOrder and ifNotHasCustomField to the PageProperty tag
  • Fixed issue with Authors archives

Version 1.4

  • Revisions of posts and pages are now stored and user can "restore" an older version
  • Added a permission for users to not to be able to access the administation (thanks to Seb Duggan)
  • Added a replacement for Verity search to search in database directly (this search now includes comments). It is the default search now.
  • Plugin settings are now stored in database, which should make it easier to migrate a blog
  • TinyMCE editor upgraded
  • Configuration file now has placeholders for base path so that directories do not need to be hardcoded in configuration file
  • Ability to disable or enable threading
  • Plugins made for ColdFusion 8 only can extend org.mangoblog.plugins.BasePlugin without including BasePlugin in their own folder
  • Friendly URLs for author archives

Changes in theme tags:

  • Added a descending order option for the comments tag
  • Enhanced Posts tag to be able to show posts for a given author
  • AuthorProperty tag can now output the name of the role of the author
  • Added AuthenticatedAuthor tag that allows the theme to know if the current visitor is logged in


  • Post pagination and search
  • Session will be maintained while user is writing a post or page
  • Added permission to manage pods and to run blog updates
  • Drafts now always "float" to the top of the list
  • Ability to remove plugins
  • Added "beforeAdminPageContentEnd" event to the bottom of the page edit screen and "beforeAdminPostContentEnd" to the bottom of the post edit screen
  • Ability to manually set the post URL (thanks to Seb Duggan)
  • Added more functionality to BasePlugin to make it easier to write plugins. 
  • Plugins can now run their own upgrade method when a new version is installed via the administration
  • Paging for authors screen
  • Cosmetic changes: Add ons renamed to Plugins, go directly to edit mode after adding a new post or page (thanks to Seb Duggan), changed Pod Manager icon

Updates to new installs:

  • Added new plugin that allows keeping the old BlogCFC URLs functional
  • Added sample data
  • Include CFFormProtect (enabled by default instead of Captchas)
  • New default theme called Cutline
  • New installs on Railo will now have an error on main page (thanks to Andrea Campolonghi)

Plugins updated:

  • formRememberer (included in update)
  • CFFormProtect (not included in automatic update)

Bug fixes:

  • Solved some compatibility issues with Railo
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability (themes need to be updated to take advantage of this)
  • Preview link was wrong in future posts
  • Comments are now rejected if comments are closed for a post or page
  • Error when entering an empty search string
  • Error when not using friendly URLs
  • and more...

Version 1.3 & 1.3.1

  • Custom authentication (read more about this feature) and custom login pages controlled from the skin
  • Updated administration forms for better styling and to work with jQuery (thanks to Seb Duggan)
  • Updated plugins to match new administration form styling (thanks to Seb Duggan)
  • Added feature to let plugins have assets, which are automatically moved to a web accessible location upon plugin activation. (thanks to Seb Duggan)
  • Updated install wizard styling (thanks to Seb Duggan)
  • Added plugin auto-install functionality (thanks to Seb Duggan)
  • Created a BasePlugin class to simplify plugin development (thanks to Seb Duggan)
  • Added the ability to preview a draft post or page
  • Added Wordpress API functions to external API
  • Separated color coding from paragraph formatting into two plugins 

Bug fixes:

  • File explorer issue in Railo
  • Issue when importing from Wordpress
  • Permissions issue when an author had draft posts and they were not showing in the list
  • Incorrect event priorities (thanks to Seb Duggan)
  • Subscription email not sent when creator had an invalid address
  • Post archives by author not showing in correct order (thanks to Seb Duggan)
  • and many more...

Version 1.2.3 & 1.2.4

  • Railo 3 compatibility
  • Wordpress and BlogCFC import bug fixes

Version 1.2.2

  • Automatic upgrades
  • More responsive cache
  • Add categories while creating a post
  • Delete categories
  • Disallow a commenter to write the same comment twice to the same post (to avoid refresh/resubmit comment)
  • Show friendlier messages when a plugin is activated
  • Added Recent comments tag to show latest comments in the blog (tags need to be added to themes)
  • Improvement to XMLRCP API to allow uploading assets such as images (thanks to Dan Short)
  • Fixed possible cross-scripting attack in comments
  • Added Home Chooser plugin
  • Various bug fixes and minor additions to template tags
  • Several updates to plugins

Version 1.1

  • New template tags that allow manipulation of pods
  • Initial Pod Manager
  • Updated Google Analytics plugin
  • Updated Form-to-email plugin to work with Captcha
  • File explorer fix for IE
  • Users can create drafts that do not have title or content
  • Upgraded TinyMCE editor
  • Miscelaneous bug fixes

Version 1.0

  • Added user roles and permissions
  • New file explorer
  • Upgraded TinyMCE editor
  • New File explorer plugin for TinyMCE editor
  • Ability to create custom post and page edit panels
  • Added hooks to let plugin developers add Pods to the admin Dashboard
  • Added a simple Statistic pod for the Dashboard
  • Users can now be de-activated

Version 0.2.5 

  • Fixed links cache problem
  • Updated Google Analytics plugin for Google's new javascript code
  • Added custom fields to post and page forms in administration
  • Added some plugin events to admin forms
  • Updated plugin.xml files to include Mango version required

Version 0.2.4

  • Fixed bugs when using Contribute to update posts
  • Added Akismet plugin
  • Added Glossy Blue skin
  • Some bug fixes

Version 0.2.3

  • Administration cache manager to update your posts and pages cache (clearing the cache for links still in the works)
  • Mango can now be installed on a host that requires username and password to be supplied in every query
  • Added FormToEmail plugin that allows you to have a form in any of your static pages and it will send the information entered by the user to specified email addresses
  • Some bug fixes

Version 0.2

  • Feeds for individual categories and multiple categories
  • Archives are now "paged" with Next and Previous Entries links
  • Administration now shows when there are updates for skins available
  • Search function will do a search in the database if Verity is not available
  • Some bug fixes