Can I have multiple blogs?

Yes, you can have multiple blogs as long as each is in a different directory. Each can use different database, the same database but with different table names (by the use of a prefix), or the same database on the same tables (blogs with different ids).

You can run the wizard to set up the first 2 options. A little more work is necessary for the third option.

Can I use a different page template for my static pages?

Yes, you can create different templates for your pages. You need to register the new template in the skin.xml file, and it will appear in a dropdown menu when creating or updating your static page in the admin.

I don't like the URLs "post.cfm/my-post", "page.cfm/my-page", etc. How can I change them?

You will first need to have mod_rewrite in Apache enabled (see Apache docs on how to use it) or ISAPI rewrite (or other url rewrite engine for IIS) and change the url to the address you want. I order to make the links point to that new address, edit the entries in the database table "setting". All URL settings have value "system/urls" for their "path" column. There are settings for all addresses generated by Mango (posts, pages, archives, search). You can change (address shown is default, variables in {} will be changed to the actual values on runtime):

  • searchUrl: archives.cfm/search/
  • postUrl: post.cfm/{postName}
  • authorUrl: author.cfm/{authorAlias}
  • archivesUrl: archives.cfm/
  • categoryUrl: archives.cfm/category/{categoryName}
  • pageUrl: page.cfm/{pageHierarchyNames}{pageName}
  • rssUrl: feeds/rss.cfm
  • atomUrl: feeds/atom.cfm

I see a blank page when I browse post and pages or I don't have friendly urls enabled in my host

If you cannot make any change in your host, you can use simpler URLs. You will need to make changes to the values with path "system/urls" in the table "setting" in your datbase as follows:

  • searchUrl: archives.cfm?search=1
  • postUrl: post.cfm?entry={postName}
  • authorUrl: author.cfm?alias={authorAlias}
  • archivesUrl: archives.cfm?{archiveType}=
  • categoryUrl: archives.cfm?category={categoryName}
  • pageUrl: page.cfm?entry={pageName}&parent={pageHierarchyNames}