CategoryProperty Tag


This tag is used inside a <Category> tag and it is used to show a category's information.

Nested options

It needs to be inside a <Category> tag.


id: Outputs category id

title: Outputs title

description: Category description as enter in admin

creationDate: Outputs date this category was created

name: URL friendly alias

link: Outputs link to archives per category

includeBasePath: Whether to include base path when outputing link

postcount: Ouputs number of posts for this category

rssUrl: URL for category-specific RSS feed

atemUrl: URL for category-specific Atom feed

ifiscurrentcategory: When used in archives.cfm, it will enter only if the currently shown category is this one

ifisnotcurrentcategory: Same as previous, but it will not enter if the currently shown category is this one

format: format to use when outputing information. Options are: plain, xml, escapedHTML.