Sample skin.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<skin id="uniqueSkinId" name="Skin Display Name" version="1.0" provider-name="Your name" lastModified="2006-07-17">

   <description>Some description</description>
   <author>Your name</author>
   <authorUrl>Your website</authorUrl>
   <designAuthor>If the designer is not you</designAuthor>
   <designAuthorUrl>The website of the designer</designAuthorUrl>
   <thumbnail>Where your thumbnail image is located (relative to your skin folder)</thumbnail>
   <requiresVersion match="greaterOrEqual">0.1</requiresVersion>
   <adminEditorCss>If you are providing a css for the html editor in the administration, enter the path from your skin folder here</adminEditorCss>
   <license>License under which you are releasing this work</license>
      <template file="rightColumn.cfm" name="Page with column on right" />
      <location id="sidebar" name="Sidebar">
         <!-- template pods defined in the skin -->
         <pod id="categories">Categories</pod>
         <pod id="monthly-archives">Archives (monthly)</pod>