Version 1.7 Released!

It is a small, but long overdue update. The original idea was to jump to 2.0 with a brand new admin. But our employee at the time left the company. I'll make a post about this later, but at this point, I need to get someone to create the HTML for me. Donations would be greatly appreciated to get this part started.

This update has some bug fixes, including a fix to the file explorer for ColdFusion 10 sponsored by Vin Collins

Some of the changes:

  • Added ability to switch editors. Right now the options are CkEditor and TinyMCE. There is no UI to change, but you can change the option from the database directly. If you have custom settings, those can be appended to the header by adding a setting in the settings table. 
  • Added picture chooser to Author settings
  • Fix file explorer issue in CF 10.
  • Added email option to the CommentProperty tag
  • Made changes to allow plugins change the current template skin on the fly
  • Changed default date format to make it easier to localize


  1. James Moberg
    James Moberg
    This information should be added to the changelog:

    Is it possible to add release dates to each version? (I'd like to see how often updates are released.)
  2. Birgit Pauli-Haacl
    Thanks for the new release! It works very well.
    You write: "Made changes to allow plugins change the current template skin on the fly" - could you please elaborate on the changes a bit?
  3. Laura
    That basically allows a plugin to change the skin that is shown in the current request. That would be helpful if a plugin, for example, wants to show a mobile-specific skin instead of the currently set skin in the admin for a particular user browsing with a phone (without changing the skin of the whole blog for everyone)/
    It does still require the skin to exist in the skins folder, but it was a step towards allowing that kind of thing.

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