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Created on: 08/09/06 06:23 AM

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08/09/06 6:23 AM

How do I add styles to this TinyMCE. I am noticing if I copy and paste into the text area its grabbing whatever style the document originally had. This is making the post inconsistent in style and forcing me to retype everything instead of just pasting then applying some kinda of style.

Any help is appreciated/guidance :)
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08/09/06 11:48 PM

Styles for the editor come from the style sheet defined in the skin.xml file:

The path the is the Nautica skin is wrong, and I have already fixed it.

The thing is that depending on where you are copying the text from it may still get those styles. Are you copying from a web page or word?

By the way, Tiny has a button to add text from word and it actually removes everything, but I am not sure whether it will leave some formatting like bold, links, etc.
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