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Created on: 01/10/11 09:01 PM

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01/10/11 9:01 PM

So I was going to pay for a service to scroll through my blog posts on my website, when i thought, hey I am a competent developer...why not make one.

One my site I get intermittent success/fails when displaying my blog snips, sucked from the rss feed thing on mango blog. I am not sure if I am even accessing it correctly.

Anyways here is the error.

Error Occurred While Processing Request
An error occured while Parsing an XML document.
The string "--" is not permitted within comments.

The error occurred in C:\sites\accounts\ftudor1\\www\index.cfm: line 80

78 :       <cfhttp url=""; method="GET" resolveurl="no" charset="utf-8" ></cfhttp>
79 :       <!---<cfdump var="#XMLParse(cfhttp.FileContent)#"><cfabort>--->

I don't know what the hell "--" means, but if I access the blog and click around, then revisit the site...It pulls and displays correctly. It is almost like I have to wake the blog up to show my blog snips. Anyone have a problem like this or know what the hell is going on? I feel like I should create some sort of xml scrape of the rss dump and then save it somewhere, but I am not sure....Thanks in advanced....
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