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Created on: 11/19/07 10:44 PM

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11/19/07 10:44 PM

I just downloaded Mango Blog software and was in the process of installing it when the first screen sto[pped me!!! The very first screen displayed the following message

"You are about to install Mango Blog.

You will need to have a database (MS SQL or MySQL) already created (it can be an empty database)."

and that stopped me.

I have few questions...

1) Do I have to use MS SQL or MySQL to create the database, can I use Microsoft Access and create ColdFusion data source pointing to my database.

2) If I have to create a database before I install Mango Blog how do I find out which tables I need, which fields I need for each table and what about relationship diagram.

I had a look in the documentation but didn't see any mention of database requirements. Where so I find these instruaction.

Looking froward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your assistance.
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11/19/07 11:32 PM

Hi jfejsa,

1) Access is not supported. You will need to have MSSQL or MySQL.
2) You just need to have a database. But as the message says, it can be empty. The install wizard will create the tables and populate it for you, but it needs a database where to do all that.

Let me know if that answers your questions.
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11/20/07 5:48 PM

That answers my question, however, I'll have to check with my ISP whether it supports other database management systems then MS Access.

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