Thread: Change style sheet 2 column left to 2 column right

Created on: 09/18/07 02:26 AM

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09/18/07 2:26 AM

Hi Laura,

I changed the class designation on the <body> tag from:
<body class="layout-two-column-left">
<body class="layout-two-column-right">
for all the files under moveable_typeleftsidebar. But the layout became really screwy. I'm using red curve template.

Is there a better way to switch layouts within a page template?

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09/20/07 12:11 PM

Hi Chris,

Yes, the original movable type templates came in four flavors: left sidebar, no sidebar, right sidebar and three columns. I implemented the left sidebar and created a template with no sidebar that can be used for static pages. I didn't do the right sidebar... I think the css contains the necessary information, but obviously the html needs to be modified. I don't really remember what is needed to be changed.

If you really want to use the right sidebar, I would look at the generated html at this page: and see what they changed from one to the other. (it will look like a mess, but I believe it should have the correct html)
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