Thread: Mango on IIS7 with URL rewrites

Created on: 02/26/10 12:27 PM

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02/26/10 12:27 PM

Good day everyone.

I have a bit of a challenge.

I have a hosting plan with CF9 and IIS 7 using the new built in URL rewrite engine from MS.

I have a simple URL rewrite where my domain is redirecting to a sub folder in my hosting account.

Something where is changed to Nothing complicated.

However, the rewrite works like it should in most cases.

Mango, however, doesn't seem to like this as during it's setup, it doesn't see the url as, but as

This won't work as the URL rewrite wants to redirect traffic, but the path ends up wrong during the Mango setup.

Does anyone have experience with the URL rewrites in IIS 7 and installing Mango?

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