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Created on: 06/16/11 12:50 PM

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06/16/11 12:50 PM


I modified the File Explorer so I could limit file uploads to a certain file size.
If the upload exceeds the size, the File Explorer puts up a (very generic) 'IO error' message.

I thought I would post the changes in case anyone else wanted to use them.
Maybe it will find its way into a future version of Mango, and I can stop propagating it with each update. :-)

I added a row to the setting table, for the actual max file size.
NOTE: The file size is meant to be in KB; A change to FileExplorer.cfc makes the conversion.


system/assets maxfilesize 500 NULL

I made the following changes to admin/com/fileexplorer/FileExplorer.cfc:

<cffunction name="init" output="false" returntype="any" hint="instantiates an object of this class" access="public">

   <cfargument name="settings" required="true" type="struct">


      <cfset var rootDir = createObject("java","").init(arguments.settings.rootDirectory)/>

      <cfset variables.basePath = rootDir.getCanonicalPath()/>


      <cfset variables.rootDir = arguments.settings.rootDirectory />


      <cfset this.path = variables.basePath/>


      <!--- check that the base path exists --->

      <cfif NOT directoryexists(variables.basePath)>

         <cfthrow message="Base path does not exist"/>


      <cfset variables.extensions = arguments.settings.allowedExtensions />


      <cfif NOT structkeyexists(arguments.settings,'rootUrl')>

         <cfset arguments.settings.rootUrl = '' />



      <cfset variables.rootUrl = arguments.settings.rootUrl />


      <!--- get the system file separator --->

      <cfset variables.fileSeparator = createObject("java","").separator />


      <!--- jl: limit uploads to under a certain file size --->

      <cfset variables.maxfilesize = 0 />

      <cfif StructKeyExists(arguments.settings, 'maxfilesize') And IsNumeric(arguments.settings.maxfilesize)>

         <cfset variables.maxfilesize = arguments.settings.maxfilesize />         



      <cfreturn this />



<cffunction name="uploadFile" output="false" description="Uploads a file in the given folder"

               access="public" returntype="void">

   <cfargument name="filefield" required="true" />

   <cfargument name="path" required="false" type="string" default=""/>   

   <cfargument name="filename" type="string" required="true" />

   <cfset var basedir = getResolvedPathWithValidation(arguments.path, true) />


   <cfif len(arguments.filename) AND isAllowedExtension(arguments.filename)>

      <cffile action="UPLOAD" filefield="#arguments.filefield#"

               destination="#basedir##variables.fileSeparator#" nameconflict="OVERWRITE">


      <!--- jl: reject a file if it is larger than the max file size. Max file size is expected to be in bytes, which we convert to KB below. --->         

      <cfif variables.maxfilesize GT 0>

         <cfif (cffile.fileSize GT (variables.maxfilesize * 1024))>

            <cfset var result = removeFile(arguments.path, arguments.filename) />

            <cfthrow message='"#getExtension(arguments.filename)#" exceeds the maximum file size.' />




      <cfthrow message='"#getExtension(arguments.filename)#" is not a valid extension.' />




Finally, I made a couple of small changes to admin/files.cfm:
<cfset currentAuthor = request.blogManager.getCurrentUser() />

<cfset currentBlog = request.blogManager.getBlog() />

<cfset currentRole = currentAuthor.getCurrentRole(currentBlog.getId())/>

<!---jl: message for file upload limit if one is set in the config --->

<cfset currentBlogAssets = currentBlog.getSetting('assets') />


<h2 class="pageTitle">File Explorer</h2>



   <!---jl: Display the Max File Size limit to the user --->

   <cfif StructKeyExists(currentBlogAssets, 'maxfilesize') And IsNumeric(currentBlogAssets.maxfilesize)>

      <img class="helpIcon" src="assets/images/icons/help.png" />

      <span class="hint">      

         You cannot upload any files larger than #currentBlogAssets.maxfilesize# KB.

         Any uploads larger than this will fail.


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