addcfcode Plugin

Pritesh Patel has created a plugin that will execute ColdFusion code you place within the post or page when the post is displayed.

You can read more and download from Pritesh's blog.

Lipsum Plugin

Bret Feddern has created a plugin that converts a tag in a post/page into a string of lorem ipsum text.  The plug communicates with a feed from, and outputs up to 500 words of lorem ipsum filler text. It makes it easier to fill pages and posts during construction phase of a blog.

You can download it from:

Akismet plugin updated

I've updated the Akismet plugin to use the BasePlugin and tighten the security. You need to be running the latest Mango's version (1.4.3) to be able to upgrade. Akismet comes built-in with the CFFormProtect plugin, but this plugin is an alternative if you only want to use Akismet.

To upgrade or download, enter this address in your administration Plugins section: